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The Shire of Bronzehelm is located within the Kingdom of Artemisia; mundanely located in Billings, Mt
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News and Events

For information regarding regular, Shire activities such as Fighter's Practice, Arts & Sciences, and the monthly Business Meeting please look to the lower left of the screen. Detailed information about said activities and where they are being held can be found there. There is also information regarding Regional Fighter's Practices in the Fighter's Practices page!

Many members of the Shire of Bronzehelm are active participants in Relay for Life, and last year the Shire as a whole registered a team for the Relay.

Event announcements for those events being held specifically by the Shire can also be found at the lower left of the screen by name of the event, as they come up. Be sure to check back, frequently, for such event announcements!

A simple list of upcoming events in the Kingdom of Artemisia is at the bottom of this page.


Willy Miller was declared the Shire's Rapier Champion, and Sir Til (Bruce Miller) was declared the Shire's Amored Champion at our 12th Night event held January 10th, 2015.

Upcoming Local Events
This is a quick list and explanation of events that our coming up in the Shire, locally, and that the Shire is involved in. These include both SCA events and community, non-SCA events.

Lady Rahmut and Lady Cinarra will be the Autocrats for our upcoming Schola event to be held May 16, 2015. Information will be posted as it becomes available, or, join our Shire of Bronzehelm Facebook site to keep up with the latest news.

Upcoming Kingdom-wide Events
This is a simple list of upcoming events in the Kingdom of Artemisia. For further details please consult your Sage Advice or see the Kingdom Website on the Links Page. Those events that are underlined are links to their respective, event website!

If anything listed below is in error or you find a broken link, please be sure to inform the Webmistress, Lady Nicole, at bronzehelmwebminister (at) yahoo (dot) com.

April 2015 
     04     Loch Salann
 - Crown Tournament
     25     Cote du Ciel - Feast of St. Pyr

May 2015
     09     Arrows' Flight - Arabian Knights
     09     Crystal Crags - Gallow Games
     16     Bronzehelm - Schola
     16     Arn Hold - Barmaid's Night at the Tavern
     23     Gryphon's Lair - Quest

June 2015
     06     Loch Salann - Melee Madness
     16     One Thousand Eyes - Uprising
     27     Gryphon's Lair - Field of the Cloth of Gold