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The Shire of Bronzehelm is located within the Kingdom of Artemisia; mundanely located in Billings, Mt
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Arts & Sciences Meetings
The Arts & Sciences activities welcome all members and are often used to showcase a specific class or create decorations and other necessities for upcoming, Shire events.

At this time we have changed how A&S Nights are done. Rather than having a specific day of the month that we meet, the Shire will be holding 'floating' meetings which will be dependent on who is willing to host them. This means various activities may be held throughout the month by those Shire members wishing to hold specific classes and activities. For instance, we have a group of Members that enjoy brewing, and so have started to host a Brewers meeting each month. Information regarding upcoming activities will be updated as it is received by the Webmistress.

It is highly recommended that you check into the Facebook Group page for upcoming Events and the Shire Forum just in case something is updated before the Webmistress has a chance to place it on this website. Check back frequently!